Fist MIx Meeting


11. Januar 2024 - 14. Januar 2024    


Le Keller Paris
4 rue Keller, Paris, Île-de-France, 75011, Paris


Fist fans we know them

they want Fisting – more Fisting and more Fisting

This is why the XTREM FIST WEEKEND has been created

But there is another part of the Fist community that

likes to associate other fantasies with his favorite activity

Unfortunately it is difficult to find a Fist weekend

which is not devoted exclusively to Fisting

This is why in 2024 we had the idea of creating an international meeting

where the main theme is Fisting to which many other activities can be added

Given the diversity of equipment available to the Club

all activities can be done simultaneously

But in order to create meeting points we offer you 1 different theme each day

Thursday is more devoted to Fisting and Pissing

Friday is dedicated to Fisting and Bondage

Saturday is dedicated to Fisting and SM

Finally Sunday is dedicated to Fisting and Dilation

Of course these themes are indicative and we can absolutely do

an SM session on Sunday and Piss on Friday

But the interest of daily themes

is to encourage the grouping of guys sharing the same fantasies

Let the purists rest assured – as nothing is imposed –

they will be able to do Fisting and only Fisting if they do not wish to do anything else

But who knows ?

Seeing the practices of others will perhaps give them the desire to discover

new pleasures that they wouldn’t necessarily have thought of ;-)